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Redefining Books
A new digital book-sharing service gives students with disabilities access to books in alternative content formats.
How English-Language Learners Have an Edge
Non-native English speakers—who access meaning through more than one language—can offer novel insights during whole-class comprehension exercises, says one high school teacher.
Redefining Instruction With Technology: Five Essential Steps
One teacher learned the hard way that just bringing iPads into the classroom won't truly change things—you also have to redefine your practice.
Using Twitter in High School Classrooms
Bill Ferriter discusses several ways that teachers can use Twitter in classrooms to encourage reflection and conversation among their students.
Teaching: A Wired Profession
Educators are more tech-savvy today than they were just two years ago, according to a survey overseen by Project Tomorrow, a technology-focused education nonprofit.
Video-Lesson Project Flourishes
Can a free online library of video lessons revolutionize classroom instruction?
Special Needs and the Whiteboard Effect
A former National Teacher of the Year finds that multimedia instructional technology helps engage students with severe emotional disabilities.
Assistive Technology: Write Answers
Since difficulties in writing are wide-ranging—and technology is rapidly evolving—finding the right assistive technology device can be an ordeal.
Applicable Teaching Tools
Educators are discovering that iPads and other tablet computers offer new routes to learning for students with disabilities.
Passion-Based Learning for the 21st Century
Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach believes teachers need to bring a "sense of wonderment" back into student learning.
Your Future Colleagues?
South Korea hopes to have robot teachers in all of its 8,400 kindergarten classrooms by 2013.
Video Buffs

Making Math Connections
A project that uses smartphones as learning tools is giving students a new perspective on math.
Life Equations
Renowned educator Dan Meyer encourages teachers to drop the textbooks and teach students the math that's all around them.
Writing Re-Launched: Teaching with Digital Tools
Innovative language arts teachers are finding that adapting writing instruction to technology can enhance engagement without sacrificing the fundamentals.

Education Week: High Schools
Education Week: News and Information About Issues in Education for Educators

Will It Fly? South Carolina High Schools to Launch Aerospace Curriculum - Curriculum Matters - Education Week
This fall, five South Carolina high schools will offer an aerospace curriculum to develop the next generation of aviation technology talent in a state where officials say the industry is thriving.
Plan to close 3 Indianapolis high schools faces protests - Education Week

Mother of transgender boy sues school over restroom access - Education Week

Family files lawsuit against state over silly string fight - Education Week

Santa Fe Public Schools eyes scrapping letter grade 'D' - Education Week

Humanizing Teacher Professional Development Lets Us Grow Together - Teaching Ahead: A Roundtable - Education Week Teacher
How different would our schools be today if all teachers had rich social-emotional experiences with their colleagues for the duration of their careers? That's the question posed by John Troutman McCrann.
Being OK With Not Being OK: Teaching and Loving Ourselves - Teaching Ahead: A Roundtable - Education Week Teacher
Teachers need to make sure to care for themselves so they can better care for their students, Christina Torres writes.
We Need to Support the Mental Health and Wellness of Teachers - Teaching Ahead: A Roundtable - Education Week Teacher
Creating a space in school for teacher support groups enables educators to cope with stress and make positive change in their work-life balance, Danna Thomas writes.
Social-Emotional Intelligence Is Missing From School. Here's Why That Matters. - Teaching Ahead: A Roundtable - Education Week Teacher
When teachers to implement social and emotional skills into their classrooms, students benefit academically and personally, writes Fredrick Scott Salyers.
Response: Leaders Can Support Innovation by 'Listening More & Speaking Less' - Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo - Education Week Teacher
Cheryl Dobbertin, Pia Lindquist Wong, Fred Ende, Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin and Rachael George wrap-up a three-part series on supporting curriculum innovations.
New Guidelines for Teaching Religion in Schools - Curriculum Matters - Education Week
The National Council on Social Studies has added a section about the academic study of religion to its College, Career, and Civic Life framework.
Student Privacy in Education Research: 'It's Time' to Update Federal Laws - Inside School Research - Education Week
The House education committee tried to restart the long-delayed updates of federal laws governing education research and student data privacy at a hearing Wednesday morning which showed the deep tension between districts' need for strong, fast research and parents' concerns about data security.
New Funding Model to Support Career and Technical Education Programs - High School & Beyond - Education Week
A new "pay for success" funding model is being used to support a cluster of career and technical education programs.
Utah parents sue schools for lack of girls' football teams - Education Week

Response: Leaders Must 'Walk the Walk' and Create a Culture of Innovation - Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo - Education Week Teacher
PJ Caposey, Amber Teamann, Matt Renwick, Paul Barnwell, and Mitch Barnes share their ideas on the roles of administrators in making curriculum innovations.
'Students Aren't Widgets' and Other Findings on Engaging Kids at School - Rules for Engagement - Education Week
It takes different strategies to get different types of students engaged in classroom work, a new report suggests. Do you agree with its conclusions?
Mitchell Chester, State’s Education Commissioner, Dies at 65 - Education Week
Massachusetts Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education Mitchell Chester has died.
Increased school funding passes Legislature, problems remain - Education Week

Career-Tech-Ed Students Can Skip Exit Exams in Pennsylvania - High School & Beyond - Education Week
Pennsylvania has a new law that allows career and technical education students to skip the state's high school exit exams.
Snyder: Make graduation rules flexible to boost career ed - Education Week

Education Week: Dropouts
Education Week: News and Information About Issues in Education for Educators

Student Privacy in Education Research: 'It's Time' to Update Federal Laws - Inside School Research - Education Week
The House education committee tried to restart the long-delayed updates of federal laws governing education research and student data privacy at a hearing Wednesday morning which showed the deep tension between districts' need for strong, fast research and parents' concerns about data security.
Will Free Community College Really Help Low-Income Students? - Education Week
Free community college is an exciting idea, but it's not enough to get students over the finish line, cautions Kate Schwass.
Control of NYC schools in flux as lawmakers ready to adjourn - Education Week

Behind One Successful High School-Higher Education Partnership - Global Learning - Education Week
Building a K-16 pipeline requires a strong partnership between institutions of higher education, school districts, and schools. Here is how they did it in Utah.
Alternative school gives teens second chance at success - Education Week

School Choice Doesn't Mean Public Schools Are Failing - Leadership 360 - Education Week
Guest blogger Denisha Merriweather believes, "Education choice gives communities the ability to use their own strengths as a starting point for change."
'Night School' Documentary Looks at Adults Seeking an Elusive H.S. Diploma - Education and the Media - Education Week
The film follows three Indianapolis adults as they seek to overcome obstacles on the path to earning an educational credential that they missed earlier.
Student Mobility Takes an Academic Toll. But Why? - Education Week
While the effects of midyear moves are not well understood, the new federal law requires schools to keep better track of military, foster-care, and homeless students.
Gates, Zuckerberg Philanthropies Team Up on Personalized Learning - Digital Education - Education Week
A joint $12 million grant to support personalized learning reflects growing ties between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.
Several States Moving to Expand Age Kids Must Be in School - Education Week
A dozen states are trying to keep children in school longer, from making kindergarten mandatory to raising the legal drop-out age. But it's not an easy sell.
Vocational Education Can Reduce the Dropout Rate - Walt Gardner's Reality Check - Education Week
To reduce the dropout rate through legitimate means, the U.S. needs to adopt Germany's dual system.
Head Start Turns 52 Today. Congress Should Protect Its Funding - Education Week
Head Start has helped prepare more than 33 million children for kindergarten, so why is there talk of defunding the bipartisan-supported program? asks Mark K. Shriver.
District Using Competency-Based Learning Fights to Avoid State Censure - Curriculum Matters - Education Week
Competency-based education is being piloted by more districts and states, but in Colorado, one district is struggling with the approach as state officials contemplate how to intervene.
How Can the U.S. Improve High School Graduation Rates? (Video) - On Air: A Video Blog - Education Week
Can the U.S. reach a 90% graduation rate by 2020? Education Week correspondent Lisa Stark discussed that question with Civic Enterprises Founder & CEO John Bridgeland.
Black Teachers Matter. School Integration Doesn't - Education Week
To close the achievement gap for low-income black students, we need a more diverse teaching force, writes Rafiq R. Kalam Id-Din II.
Record U.S. Graduation Rate Not Seen as Inflated - Education Week
A report finds that a record 83.2 percent of students are finishing high school on time and that the gains may be real.
Is the High School Graduation Rate Inflated? No, Study Says - High School & Beyond - Education Week
A new report says game-playing and miscalculations could have distorted high school graduation rates at the state or district levels, but are unlikely to have had much effect on the national rate, which is at an all-time high.
Spotlight on Redefining Student Success - Education Week
Schools and districts are developing holistic approaches to get a more complete picture of student success. In this Spotlight, see how growth mindsets are factoring into student achievement, how states and districts are gathering data for new school-quality indicators, and how educators can better prepare students for college and careers.
What's Ahead for Students With Learning Disabilities - Education Week
School funding must build on the progress of students with learning disabilities, not diminish it, writes Mimi Corcoran.
Teaching Immigrant Students to Look Forward - Education Week
Undocumented students face an uncertain future. Teachers shouldn't make light of their challenges, but must also encourage them to pursue their dreams, Mary Ann Zehr writes.

Education Week: Teaching Profession
Education Week: News and Information About Issues in Education for Educators

Looking Back on 30 Years of Teaching: What Have I Learned? - Education Week
Teaching has changed significantly in the past three decades, but some elements have stayed the same, veteran teacher Cindi Rigsbee writes.
Q&A: Teachers' Cues Shape Students' Sense of Belonging - Education Week
Dena Simmons, the director of education at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, says teachers can create environments in which all students can thrive.
Just 20 Percent of K-12 Students Are Learning a Foreign Language - Education Week
In some states, fewer than 10 percent of students are learning languages other than English, painting a grim picture of foreign language education in U.S. public schools.
Chicago Charter Teachers Vote to Merge With CTU - Education Week
The union that represents teachers at 32 charter schools in Chicago has voted to merge with the 30,000-member Chicago Teachers Union, which historically has represented educators from only traditional public schools.
How to Take a Growth Mindset Approach to Summer Learning - Education Week
Teachers can transform summer school by designing an active learning process that focuses on the whole learner, writes Elizabeth Stein.
Spotlight on Differentiated Instruction - Education Week
In order to meet diverse learning needs, teachers are charged with differentiating instruction to ensure student success. In this Spotlight, learn about the challenges of differentiation, how educators are personalizing instruction in literacy and math, and identifying students' academic strengths.
Here Are Four Things Every Teacher Can Do to Become a Teacher-Leader - Education Week
There has never been a better time for teachers to become leaders, Carl Draeger writes. Here are some simple activities for educators to hone their leadership skills.
Parsing the Difference Between Education and Indoctrination - Education Week
Educators must be careful not to turn students into tools for their political advocacy, writes Jonathan Zimmerman, a professor at University of Pennsylvania.
The Life Lesson a Teacher of the Year Learned in Rehab - Education Week
After suffering from burnout, Justin Ashley learned the keys to happiness and to becoming a better, more emotionally balanced teacher.
Teachers - Education Week
Half of the New Orleans teachers who were fired in the post-Katrina reorganization of that district never returned to teach in Louisiana public schools, according to a study from the Education Research Alliance at Tulane University.
Teachers Resign for Drinking During School Camping Trip - Education Week
Five Ohio teachers have resigned after they slipped out of a 6th grade camping trip for drinks and dinner.
Gun Training for Colorado School Teachers Gains Momentum, Advocates Say - Education Week
As state legislators continue to shoot down bills that would give carte blanche approval for Colorado teachers and other staff to carry concealed guns on school grounds, training is gaining momentum for school districts that have taken matters into their own hands.
Do Our Schools Reflect the Students They Serve? - Education Week
Schools must adjust to changing demographics by creating diverse learning environments, writes Tammy Wawro, president of the Iowa State Education Association.
States Struggle to Define 'Ineffective Teachers' Under ESSA - Education Week
The Every Student Succeeds Act has reignited battles over how to determine which teachers fall short and whether state or local leaders should make those decisions.
Startup Grades Student Papers for Teachers—for a Fee - Education Week
A new startup called the Graide Network aims to lighten the load for teachers by grading their students' papers.
Whither to Fidget - Education Week
Are fidget spinners helping antsy students sit still and concentrate on their lessons, or just driving kids (and teachers) to distraction? Depends on who you ask.
We Need More STEM Teachers; Higher Ed. Can Help - Education Week
Four recommendations could encourage college STEM majors to pursue classroom teaching and help fill the void, say three researchers.
Teacher Preparation - Education Week
Too many teacher-preparation programs are doing a poor job of covering content that future science and social studies teachers need to master, according to a new report.
2017 Budget Deal Defers Fierce Fights Over K-12 Funding - Education Week
The agreement boosts federal aid for Title I and special education through September, but K-12 cuts could loom for fiscal 2018 to pave the way for defense increases.
Can Teacher Residencies Help With Shortages? - Education Week
Studies suggest the programs, though few in number, can help retain novice teachers and bring more teachers of color into classrooms.

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