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Redefining Books
A new digital book-sharing service gives students with disabilities access to books in alternative content formats.
How English-Language Learners Have an Edge
Non-native English speakers—who access meaning through more than one language—can offer novel insights during whole-class comprehension exercises, says one high school teacher.
Redefining Instruction With Technology: Five Essential Steps
One teacher learned the hard way that just bringing iPads into the classroom won't truly change things—you also have to redefine your practice.
Using Twitter in High School Classrooms
Bill Ferriter discusses several ways that teachers can use Twitter in classrooms to encourage reflection and conversation among their students.
Teaching: A Wired Profession
Educators are more tech-savvy today than they were just two years ago, according to a survey overseen by Project Tomorrow, a technology-focused education nonprofit.
Video-Lesson Project Flourishes
Can a free online library of video lessons revolutionize classroom instruction?
Special Needs and the Whiteboard Effect
A former National Teacher of the Year finds that multimedia instructional technology helps engage students with severe emotional disabilities.
Assistive Technology: Write Answers
Since difficulties in writing are wide-ranging—and technology is rapidly evolving—finding the right assistive technology device can be an ordeal.
Applicable Teaching Tools
Educators are discovering that iPads and other tablet computers offer new routes to learning for students with disabilities.
Passion-Based Learning for the 21st Century
Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach believes teachers need to bring a "sense of wonderment" back into student learning.
Your Future Colleagues?
South Korea hopes to have robot teachers in all of its 8,400 kindergarten classrooms by 2013.
Video Buffs

Making Math Connections
A project that uses smartphones as learning tools is giving students a new perspective on math.
Life Equations
Renowned educator Dan Meyer encourages teachers to drop the textbooks and teach students the math that's all around them.
Writing Re-Launched: Teaching with Digital Tools
Innovative language arts teachers are finding that adapting writing instruction to technology can enhance engagement without sacrificing the fundamentals.

Education Week: High Schools
Education Week: News and Information About Issues in Education for Educators

Deeper Learning and the Future of High School - Learning Deeply - Education Week
Under an initiative from the XQ Institute, 18 teams are creating new designs aimed at transforming high schools.
New Education Research Chief Signals More Focus on College Over K-12 Studies - Inside School Research - Education Week
Mark Schneider, the new director of the Institute of Education Sciences, is pushing for new directions in the Education Department's research agency: more research on higher education and long-term achievement, and more practical results for educators.
New law mandating mental health education to take effect - Education Week

Survivors describe carnage at Florida high school massacre - Education Week

Do you really know what your kid's doing on that smartphone? - Education Week

4 Cooper nominees rejected by Republican lawmakers - Education Week

Texas educators training to shoot back at school shooters - Education Week

We Are Not Newtonian Billiard Balls! The Need for a New Approach to Adult Learning - Learning Deeply - Education Week
Professional development needs to be organized around what we know about how learning takes place, rather than around the mechanistic approach currently used.
Vermont Supreme Court reviews 'Rebel' mascot case - Education Week

Report: New Mexico falls to last place in child well-being - Education Week

Global Competence Empowers Students to Take Action for Social Justice - Global Learning - Education Week
How students are taking global action for common good in our country.
Betsy DeVos: How We Can Catch Up to Other Countries in Education - Education Week
Following a trip to Europe, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos reflects on how we should restructure education at home.
Students Get 'Too Little' Civics Teaching, Principals Say - Education Week
At a time of sharp political divisions, civics teaches students how to engage in civil discourse, according to school leaders interviewed for the Education Week Research Center poll. More than half said their students don’t get enough of it.
California Aims to Make (Even) More Students Multilingual - Curriculum Matters - Education Week
The Golden State plans to triple the number of students who are proficient in a language other than English over the next 12 years.
Florida families form advocacy group 'Stand With Parkland' - Education Week

Teachers React to the Supreme Court Ruling That Ends 'Fair Share' Union Fees - Teacher Beat - Education Week
Some teachers are excited about the prospect of no longer having to pay dues to their union, while others have reiterated their commitment to their union.
British Columbia's Curriculum: A Glimpse of the Future? - Top Performers - Education Week
Marc Tucker speaks with the leader of British Columbia's recent curriculum reforms that were co-created with teachers across the province.
Snyder education budget grants nearly $17 billion to schools - Education Week

Boston Mayor Picks Nonprofit Leader as Temporary Schools Chief - District Dossier - Education Week
Laura Perille, the CEO of the Boston-based non-profit EdVestors, is expected to be named interim superintendent while the district looks for a permanent leader.
Wave of Teachers Surges Ahead in Oklahoma Legislative Races - State EdWatch - Education Week
More than half the state's teachers running for office in order to boost school funding survived Tuesday's primaries but they have several political and financial obstacles ahead of them.

Education Week: Dropouts
Education Week: News and Information About Issues in Education for Educators

What to Expect at the NEA Convention, Days After Supreme Court Blow - Teacher Beat - Education Week
Conversations about teacher voice and the effects of the Janus ruling are likely to come up at the 2018 National Education Association convention.
How Education Technology Can Transform Learning for the Better - Learning Deeply - Education Week
Successful examples from Singapore and the United States show that how technology is implemented in schools makes all the difference for student learning.
7 Things to Know About the Supreme Court Decision That Just Slammed Teachers' Unions - Teacher Beat - Education Week
The U.S. Supreme Court just dealt teachers' unions a heavy blow. Here's what you need to know.
To Reach Disaffected Youth, Push for 'Credible Messengers' - Learning Deeply - Education Week
Peer mentoring can inform, support, and guide youth who have started down dangerous paths, says Kathleen Cushman.
What, Exactly, Should the Purpose of Career and Technical Education Be? - Top Performers - Education Week
The world's best Career and Technical Education systems produce graduates with industry-recognized credentials that have real economic value. Marc Tucker argues that's the exception rather than the rule for US CTE programs.
To Stem Likely Membership Losses, Teachers' Unions Play Offense - Education Week
The Supreme Court is poised to deliver a blow to the teachers' unions any day now—and labor groups are trying to get ahead of it by pushing controversial state bills.
Democrat Flynn accuses Evers of using 'Walker-style tactic' - Education Week

Number of High Schools With Low Graduation Rates Is Rising - Education Week
As the national graduation rate rises, so does the number of schools with low-graduation rates. What gives?
What's in ESSA's Big Flexible-Spending Pot - Education Week
The $1.1 billion Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants, better known as Title IV, can be used for everything from school safety training and suicide prevention to drama clubs and science programs.
Want to Produce Good STEM Teachers? This Program Is Getting Results - Teacher Beat - Education Week
A new study finds that teachers who graduated from the UTeach preparation program in Texas outperform other STEM teachers across the state.
Maryland introduces accountability system for absenteeism - Education Week

There Are Now More High Schools With Low Graduation Rates. Why? - High School & Beyond - Education Week
A new report shows more high schools with low graduation rates, even as the nation's high school graduation rate soars to an all-time high.
Can Greater Academic Demands Lead to Less Risky Behavior in Teenagers? - Curriculum Matters - Education Week
A new study finds a link between beefing up high school graduation requirements in math and science and a reduction in youth drinking.
Who Do You Picture When You Think of a Leader? - Teacher in a Strange Land - Education Week Teacher
Nobody's more pragmatic than a would-be teacher leader who knows that taking on leadership roles means expanding the workload. More to the point, teacher leaders understand that the only definition of leadership that matters in education world is keeping one's promises. Getting stuff--the right stuff--done. Gender is irrelevant, they'll tell you.
Response: Avoid Burnout by 'Remembering What First Drove You Into Teaching' - Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo - Education Week Teacher
Tabitha Pacheco, Amanda Koonlaba, Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin, Megan M. Allen, and Daniel Rechtschaffen finish-up this three-part series on avoiding teacher burn-out.
The New ABCs for Young Learners: Ask Questions, Be Resourceful, and Communicate - Global Learning - Education Week
Today, elementary teachers are embracing larger roles that encourage learners to question everything, to foster a deep, cross-curricular creativity, and to empower students to be their own change agents.
Response: So Many Articles, So Little Time... - Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo - Education Week Teacher
Jenny Edwards, Andrew Miller, Dr. Cynthia "Mama J" Johnson, Megan M. Allen, and readers share their choices for articles educators should read.
Three Strategies for Serving Underserved Students - Global Learning - Education Week
A teacher shares three ideas for serving underserved populations.
Gates Foundation, Chan Zuckerberg Team Up to Seek 'State of the Art' Ideas for Schools - Digital Education - Education Week
In a new Request for Information, two of the most powerful groups in education philanthropy jointly seek "state-of-the-art" ideas to improve students' math, writing, and "executive functions."
Betsy DeVos Greenlights ESSA Plans for Alabama, Colorado, and Kentucky - Politics K-12 - Education Week
Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has now approved ESSA plans from 42 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Big states like California and Florida, however, are still awaiting approval.

Education Week: Teaching Profession
Education Week: News and Information About Issues in Education for Educators

Spotlight on STEM Equity & Opportunity - Education Week
STEM is playing an integral role in elevating student achievement and career opportunities. In this Spotlight, discover how schools are working towards equity in STEM education, the link between course access and future STEM outcomes, and district efforts to curb the shortage of STEM teachers.
Spotlight on ESSA (2018) - Education Week
As proposed rules emerge on The Every Student Succeeds Act, policymakers and educators are grappling with the impact of the law on data reporting, accountability, and parent and community engagement. In this Spotlight, learn about the key highlights of the new law and reactions to the proposed rules on accountability, test participation, and school interventions.
Supreme Court Deals Unions a Stinging Defeat in 'Janus' Case - Education Week
Teacher and other public employee unions can’t collect agency fees from nonmembers, the court ruled in the Janus case, a decision that could hurt unions' revenue and membership numbers.
Why the Court's Ruling Against Mandatory Union Dues Is a Good Thing - Education Week
We should be cheered by the 'Janus' ruling, but not because it weakens teachers’ unions, writes the Cato Institute’s Neal McCluskey.
The Supreme Court's Decision on Union Dues Will Have Profound Consequences - Education Week
Teachers already make less than comparable employees, and the 'Janus' decision could make things worse, writes Celine McNicholas.
What an Infamous Jail Break Tells Us About Teaching Persistence - Education Week
All students are capable of persistence, no matter how disengaged from academics they may seem, writes Steve Heisler.
The Suburbs Need Diverse Teachers, Too - Education Week
Are nonurban districts doing enough to attract new teachers of color? The superintendent for human resources from one suburban district weighs in.
Fed-Up Teachers Are Running for Office in Oklahoma. Can They Win? - Education Week
Fired up, but wary about political pitfalls, teachers running for office in Oklahoma make their case to the voters—and sometimes end up competing with each other.
No Federal Money for Arming Teachers, House Says - Education Week
The Department of Homeland Security would not be able to use two big federal grant programs to pay for arming teachers, thanks to a provision tucked into House legislation that quietly passed this week.
Even in a Field Dominated by Women, 25% of Female Educators Say #MeToo - Education Week
Nearly half of K-12 teachers and administrators report that they've experienced or witnessed sexual harassment or assault while at work, in a new Education Week Research Center survey.
'An Expensive Experiment': Gates Teacher-Effectiveness Program Shows No Gains for Students - Education Week
An evaluation of a multi-year effort by the Gates Foundation to improve teaching, which cost $575 million, found no evidence the program improved student outcomes or gave low-income and minority students greater access to effective teachers.
For Educators Who Died on the Job, Small Town Offers Big Commemoration - Education Week
A little-known monument in Emporia, Kan., which recently received federal recognition, will add 10 new names to the list of teachers and support staff who’ve died on the job.
The Way We Read Online Has Changed. As Literacy Teachers, We Need to Keep Up - Education Week
Now that students can integrate code and multimedia into the texts they create, schools need a new approach to literacy, writes Chris Panell.
How Telling Students My Most Difficult Story Made Me a Better Writing Teacher - Education Week
Teachers need to model vulnerability before students can feel comfortable sharing personal stories, writes David Rockower.
Teachers - Education Week
The 19 highest-performing countries involved in the Program for International Assessment vary widely on most teacher policies, but they do have three practices in common, finds a study by the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation.
Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Appeal on Limiting Teacher-Tenure Rights - Education Week
The U.S. Supreme Court last week declined to take up a case involving efforts by Indiana to limit teacher-tenure rights.
Science Education - Education Week
Texas science and math teachers who are trained using the UTeach program are better at raising student-test scores than other teachers in the state, says a new study in the journal Economics of Education Review.
Visas of Baltimore Teachers to Expire, Leaving Holes to Fill in Shortage Areas - Education Week
About 25 foreign teachers working in Baltimore public schools will be forced to return to their countries when their visas expire at the end of this month.
To Make Ends Meet, 1 in 5 Teachers Have Second Jobs - Education Week
Nearly 20 percent of teachers work second jobs during the school year, according to recent federal data. And some say that can put a strain on their instruction.
To Stem Likely Membership Losses, Teachers' Unions Play Offense - Education Week
The Supreme Court is poised to deliver a blow to the teachers' unions any day now—and labor groups are trying to get ahead of it by pushing controversial state bills.

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