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Redefining Books
A new digital book-sharing service gives students with disabilities access to books in alternative content formats.
How English-Language Learners Have an Edge
Non-native English speakers—who access meaning through more than one language—can offer novel insights during whole-class comprehension exercises, says one high school teacher.
Redefining Instruction With Technology: Five Essential Steps
One teacher learned the hard way that just bringing iPads into the classroom won't truly change things—you also have to redefine your practice.
Using Twitter in High School Classrooms
Bill Ferriter discusses several ways that teachers can use Twitter in classrooms to encourage reflection and conversation among their students.
Teaching: A Wired Profession
Educators are more tech-savvy today than they were just two years ago, according to a survey overseen by Project Tomorrow, a technology-focused education nonprofit.
Video-Lesson Project Flourishes
Can a free online library of video lessons revolutionize classroom instruction?
Special Needs and the Whiteboard Effect
A former National Teacher of the Year finds that multimedia instructional technology helps engage students with severe emotional disabilities.
Assistive Technology: Write Answers
Since difficulties in writing are wide-ranging—and technology is rapidly evolving—finding the right assistive technology device can be an ordeal.
Applicable Teaching Tools
Educators are discovering that iPads and other tablet computers offer new routes to learning for students with disabilities.
Passion-Based Learning for the 21st Century
Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach believes teachers need to bring a "sense of wonderment" back into student learning.
Your Future Colleagues?
South Korea hopes to have robot teachers in all of its 8,400 kindergarten classrooms by 2013.
Video Buffs

Making Math Connections
A project that uses smartphones as learning tools is giving students a new perspective on math.
Life Equations
Renowned educator Dan Meyer encourages teachers to drop the textbooks and teach students the math that's all around them.
Writing Re-Launched: Teaching with Digital Tools
Innovative language arts teachers are finding that adapting writing instruction to technology can enhance engagement without sacrificing the fundamentals.

Education Week: High Schools
Education Week: News and Information About Issues in Education for Educators

For Educators Who Died on the Job, Small Town Offers Big Commemoration - Education Week
A little-known monument in Emporia, Kan., which recently received federal recognition, will add 10 new names to the list of teachers and support staff who’ve died on the job.
Make Learning For and About Those We Teach - Work in Progress - Education Week Teacher
Too many of the challenges we face in schools these days are due to an incongruent understanding of expectations and dually damaging assumptions that just aren't true. We often label kids based on what we see not knowing the context through which we need to be looking. The lens that we approach teaching through defines so much of how success will look and it's time we invite students into this conversation. Let's start with the assumption students can and students want to learn. Perhaps what that looks like isn't what our expectation is because our expectations come out of our own experiences which may be dated or colored through our own learning lenses.
Heartbreaking Conversations With Students: Student Voice and Value - The Intersection: Culture and Race in Schools - Education Week Teacher
Schools are our students: living, breathing, growing, hurting and hoping all at once
Dads Shape Their Kids' Education in More Ways Than You Know, Research Says - Inside School Research - Education Week
Though much of the parent involvement research focuses on mothers, emerging studies show involved fathers can significantly improve their children's educational progress, too.
Alternative High Schools: A Call for Better Accountability - High School & Beyond - Education Week
States must figure out new, fairer ways of holding alternative high schools accountable for graduation, a new study argues.
New Jersey Superfund site now an open-air classroom - Education Week

Victim's family suing for school shooting suspect's records - Education Week

Do Core Democratic Values Belong in Schools? - Teacher in a Strange Land - Education Week Teacher
It is a point of pride, really, having these core democratic values as an anchor in the Mitten State Social Studies standards. Here's a list of those identified values: Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, justice, the common good, equality, truth, diversity, popular sovereignty and patriotism. Things we all agree on, right?
APNewsBreak: GOP candidate would replace teacher evaluations - Education Week

Big Step in Testing Trend: University of Chicago Makes SAT, ACT Optional - High School & Beyond - Education Week
The University of Chicago has announced that it will no longer require the SAT or ACT for admission, marking the first time a major research university has joined the test-optional movement.
Fewer U.S. Teens Smoking, Doing Drugs, and Drinking Milk - Education Week
Less than one-third of high school students drink a glass of milk a day, according to a large government survey released Thursday. About two decades ago, it was nearly half.
Youths suggest legislation to ensure guns stored safely - Education Week

Panel votes to remove Native American imagery from schools - Education Week

Family: Massacre school's guard had harassed a victim - Education Week

School shooting suspect's brother starts anti-bully campaign - Education Week

Straight Up Conversation: KIPP Chief of Policy and Public Affairs Richard Buery - Rick Hess Straight Up - Education Week
Richard Buery, new Chief of Policy and Public Affairs for the influential KIPP charter schools, talks about the organization's approach to hot-button issues like immigration and school discipline.
Six Essentials for Teaching Abroad and Broadening Your Perspective - Global Learning - Education Week
Tips to help you teach in another country.
Mayor survives recall bid, asks for apology, reimbursement - Education Week

Massacre school's guard had been suspended for harassment - Education Week

AI, Robotics, and Neural Networks: Revolutionary or Overhyped? - Top Performers - Education Week
While experts disagree on the size of the effects of new technologies on the economy and society as a whole, Marc Tucker argues that the consequences for education will be nothing short of profound.

Education Week: Dropouts
Education Week: News and Information About Issues in Education for Educators

To Stem Likely Membership Losses, Teachers' Unions Play Offense - Education Week
The Supreme Court is poised to deliver a blow to the teachers' unions any day now—and labor groups are trying to get ahead of it by pushing controversial state bills.
Democrat Flynn accuses Evers of using 'Walker-style tactic' - Education Week

Number of High Schools With Low Graduation Rates Is Rising - Education Week
As the national graduation rate rises, so does the number of schools with low-graduation rates. What gives?
What's in ESSA's Big Flexible-Spending Pot - Education Week
The $1.1 billion Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants, better known as Title IV, can be used for everything from school safety training and suicide prevention to drama clubs and science programs.
Want to Produce Good STEM Teachers? This Program Is Getting Results - Teacher Beat - Education Week
A new study finds that teachers who graduated from the UTeach preparation program in Texas outperform other STEM teachers across the state.
Maryland introduces accountability system for absenteeism - Education Week

There Are Now More High Schools With Low Graduation Rates. Why? - High School & Beyond - Education Week
A new report shows more high schools with low graduation rates, even as the nation's high school graduation rate soars to an all-time high.
Can Greater Academic Demands Lead to Less Risky Behavior in Teenagers? - Curriculum Matters - Education Week
A new study finds a link between beefing up high school graduation requirements in math and science and a reduction in youth drinking.
Who Do You Picture When You Think of a Leader? - Teacher in a Strange Land - Education Week Teacher
Nobody's more pragmatic than a would-be teacher leader who knows that taking on leadership roles means expanding the workload. More to the point, teacher leaders understand that the only definition of leadership that matters in education world is keeping one's promises. Getting stuff--the right stuff--done. Gender is irrelevant, they'll tell you.
Response: Avoid Burnout by 'Remembering What First Drove You Into Teaching' - Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo - Education Week Teacher
Tabitha Pacheco, Amanda Koonlaba, Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin, Megan M. Allen, and Daniel Rechtschaffen finish-up this three-part series on avoiding teacher burn-out.
The New ABCs for Young Learners: Ask Questions, Be Resourceful, and Communicate - Global Learning - Education Week
Today, elementary teachers are embracing larger roles that encourage learners to question everything, to foster a deep, cross-curricular creativity, and to empower students to be their own change agents.
Response: So Many Articles, So Little Time... - Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo - Education Week Teacher
Jenny Edwards, Andrew Miller, Dr. Cynthia "Mama J" Johnson, Megan M. Allen, and readers share their choices for articles educators should read.
Three Strategies for Serving Underserved Students - Global Learning - Education Week
A teacher shares three ideas for serving underserved populations.
Gates Foundation, Chan Zuckerberg Team Up to Seek 'State of the Art' Ideas for Schools - Digital Education - Education Week
In a new Request for Information, two of the most powerful groups in education philanthropy jointly seek "state-of-the-art" ideas to improve students' math, writing, and "executive functions."
Betsy DeVos Greenlights ESSA Plans for Alabama, Colorado, and Kentucky - Politics K-12 - Education Week
Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has now approved ESSA plans from 42 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Big states like California and Florida, however, are still awaiting approval.
How Long Do Kids Have to Stay in School? Longer Than They Did 5 Years Ago - Inside School Research - Education Week
State rules on providing education and requiring school attendance are literally all over the map, new federal data show.
Why Students Check Out (and How We Can Check Them Back In) - Teacher-Leader Voices - Education Week Teacher
Our students hold the answers: We must take time to listen.
The Effects of Unequal School Discipline Strategies - Leadership 360 - Education Week
Guest blogger Amanda Ronan writes, "The harsh reality is that certain discipline practices are the reflections of institutionalized racism and outward discrimination against people of color and other underserved communities."
Author Q&A: Looking Beyond 'College For All' - Education Week
Robert B. Schwartz raised many eyebrows with a 2011 report that questioned the wisdom of the prevailing “college for all” ethic. Now, the Harvard scholar shares the experiences of a network of states working on providing career-focused options for young people.
What to Do About a Generation of 'Lost Einsteins' - Education Week
Creativity is too often the domain of the elite. Schools can help, write composer Anthony Brandt and neuroscientist David Eagleman.

Education Week: Teaching Profession
Education Week: News and Information About Issues in Education for Educators

Spotlight on ESSA (2018) - Education Week
As proposed rules emerge on The Every Student Succeeds Act, policymakers and educators are grappling with the impact of the law on data reporting, accountability, and parent and community engagement. In this Spotlight, learn about the key highlights of the new law and reactions to the proposed rules on accountability, test participation, and school interventions.
For Educators Who Died on the Job, Small Town Offers Big Commemoration - Education Week
A little-known monument in Emporia, Kan., which recently received federal recognition, will add 10 new names to the list of teachers and support staff who’ve died on the job.
To Stem Likely Membership Losses, Teachers' Unions Play Offense - Education Week
The Supreme Court is poised to deliver a blow to the teachers' unions any day now—and labor groups are trying to get ahead of it by pushing controversial state bills.
Want to Improve Math Teaching? Try Coaching the Coaches - Education Week
An instructional program in Tennessee uses a continuous-improvement process to try to help math coaches do their jobs better.
Four Steps to a Magnificent Classroom Library - Education Week
Teachers need to take a closer look at the range of reading levels, identities, experiences, and genres represented in their classroom libraries, writes Justin Minkel.
After 1,155 Hours Together, a Teacher's End-of-Year Letter to Her Students - Education Week
As the school year comes to a close, Krystal Centinello tells her tattletales, class clowns, and daydreamers what they’ve taught her.
Teachers' Unions - Education Week
Teachers who do not belong to their unions see value in the organizations but still say they would opt out of paying mandatory fees if given the choice, finds a new survey.
How Unexpected Interruptions Hurt Student Learning - Education Week
A long list of intrusions curb the flow of even the most well-planned lessons, says Sara Gartland. It's time schools rethink the procedures that undermine student engagement.
When Strikes Happen, Teachers' Aides Have the Most to Lose - Education Week
School support staff members, including paraprofessionals, can go unpaid when schools are closed—meaning they had more at risk during statewide walkouts than full-time teachers.
Nearly Half of Public School Teachers Say They Are Satisfied With Salaries - Education Week
Forty-five percent of public school teachers say they are satisfied with their salary, while 55 percent say they are not, according to data from the 2015-16 National Teacher and Principal Survey.
Spotlight on What's Working in Schools - Education Week
Research and intentionality are setting the groundwork for best practices in schools. In this Spotlight, discover how instructional coaches are boosting school performance, what studies say about school climate and achievement gaps, and tips for successfully teaching English-language learners.
Want to Differentiate Instruction? Use Your Time Wisely - Education Week
To improve instruction, teachers should work together to figure out smarter ways of using their time, says coach Lisa Westman.
What Happened When I Committed to Loving My Students Unconditionally - Education Week
For one school year, teacher Kyle Redford created a plan to love her students without strings attached. Here’s what she took away.
Schools See Steep Drop in Librarians, New Analysis Finds - Education Week
Nationwide, schools have lost 20 percent of their librarians and media specialists in the past 15 years. Here's why that could hamstring district literacy efforts.
Why Don't We Challenge the Narrow Vision of Ed. Leadership? - Education Week
When you reject "the way we’ve always done things," you may find your leadership challenged, note Carolyn R. Hodges and Olga M. Welch.
Survey of K-3 Teachers Finds Affinity With Preschool Colleagues - Education Week
Findings from the national survey include significant support for a unified and aligned system of early-childhood education from birth to age 8.
Teachers Fill N.C. Streets, Close Schools to Demand More School Funding - Education Week
Thousands of teachers filled the streets of North Carolina's capital May 16 demanding better pay and more funding for public schools, continuing the trend of educators around the country rising up to pressure lawmakers for change.
Class Resources - Education Week
Nine in 10 teachers spend their own money—often hundreds of dollars—on classroom supplies, finds a new analysis of federal data.
Texas District Using Billboards to Poach Phoenix Teachers - Education Week
A Texas school district has placed advertisements on Phoenix billboards in an attempt to recruit Arizona teachers to a city with higher pay.
Teacher in Ky. Bounces Foe - Education Week
Weeks after the teacher walkouts in Kentucky, educators scored a surprising victory: High school math teacher Travis Brenda defeated Jonathan Shell, the House majority floor leader, in the state primary election.

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