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Redefining Books
A new digital book-sharing service gives students with disabilities access to books in alternative content formats.
How English-Language Learners Have an Edge
Non-native English speakers—who access meaning through more than one language—can offer novel insights during whole-class comprehension exercises, says one high school teacher.
Redefining Instruction With Technology: Five Essential Steps
One teacher learned the hard way that just bringing iPads into the classroom won't truly change things—you also have to redefine your practice.
Using Twitter in High School Classrooms
Bill Ferriter discusses several ways that teachers can use Twitter in classrooms to encourage reflection and conversation among their students.
Teaching: A Wired Profession
Educators are more tech-savvy today than they were just two years ago, according to a survey overseen by Project Tomorrow, a technology-focused education nonprofit.
Video-Lesson Project Flourishes
Can a free online library of video lessons revolutionize classroom instruction?
Special Needs and the Whiteboard Effect
A former National Teacher of the Year finds that multimedia instructional technology helps engage students with severe emotional disabilities.
Assistive Technology: Write Answers
Since difficulties in writing are wide-ranging—and technology is rapidly evolving—finding the right assistive technology device can be an ordeal.
Applicable Teaching Tools
Educators are discovering that iPads and other tablet computers offer new routes to learning for students with disabilities.
Passion-Based Learning for the 21st Century
Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach believes teachers need to bring a "sense of wonderment" back into student learning.
Your Future Colleagues?
South Korea hopes to have robot teachers in all of its 8,400 kindergarten classrooms by 2013.
Video Buffs

Making Math Connections
A project that uses smartphones as learning tools is giving students a new perspective on math.
Life Equations
Renowned educator Dan Meyer encourages teachers to drop the textbooks and teach students the math that's all around them.
Writing Re-Launched: Teaching with Digital Tools
Innovative language arts teachers are finding that adapting writing instruction to technology can enhance engagement without sacrificing the fundamentals.

Education Week: High Schools
Education Week: News and Information About Issues in Education for Educators

Residents want controls on high school sports association - Education Week

High school's planned health center sparks debate - Education Week

Grade Inflation Is Greater in Wealthier Schools, Study Says - High School & Beyond - Education Week
A new study finds that grades are rising more at private and suburban schools more than they are in urban schools, a trend that experts worry puts low-income students at a disadvantage as they apply to college.
'Atypical,' About a High-Functioning Teen With Autism, Attracts Mixed Reactions - Education and the Media - Education Week
The Netflix show is about an 18-year-old high school student on the autism spectrum becoming self-aware of the need to move into adulthood.
Tunica County students protest dress code; parents arrested - Education Week

Principal who threatened to punch teen student resigns - Education Week

Twin Cities superintendents try to address achievement gap - Education Week

Terrel H. Bell, Second U.S. Education Secretary: Biography and Achievements - Education Week
Terrel H. Bell was the second U.S. Secretary of Education, serving under President Ronald Reagan from 1985-1988. Here’s some background and highlights of his tenure.
Betsy DeVos, U.S. Education Secretary: Background and Achievements - Education Week
Betsy DeVos is the 11th U.S. Secretary of Education, serving under President Donald Trump. Here's a biography of DeVos, policies she supports, and highlights of her tenure so far.
John B. King Jr., Tenth U.S. Education Secretary: Biography and Achievements - Education Week
John B. King Jr. was the 10th U.S. Secretary of Education, serving under President Barack Obama in 2016 and 2016. Here’s some background and highlights of his tenure.
Teacher shoots himself in classroom at Georgia high school - Education Week

Does Trump's Education Budget Support Our Future Workforce? - An Edugeek’s Guide to K-12 Practice and Policy - Education Week Teacher
How the proposed cuts to career and technical education will impact our students, the working class, and our country.
Using 'The Amazing Race' to Teach Geography - Curriculum Matters - Education Week
A university professor details how the TV program can be used to teach cultural geography education and gives tips for adapting it in high schools.
Using 'The Amazing Race' To Teach Geography - Curriculum Matters - Education Week
A university professor details how the TV program can be used to teach cultural geography education and gives tips for adapting it in high schools.
Cooper announces advisory committee, thanks teachers - Education Week

Math scores jump most in second year of Mississippi test - Education Week

'Academy' Model Boosts High School Grad Rate for At-Risk Students, Study Says - High School & Beyond - Education Week
A study shows that students who are likely to fail or drop out graduate at higher rates from NAF schools than those who attend other schools.
Proposal For An Innovation Diploma - Vander Ark on Innovation - Education Week
What if we created a new competency-based high school diploma framework focused on innovation that represented preparedness for the automation economy? Here's a proposal of what that could look like.
Student Blogger: Encouraging Literacy Via Reading for Pleasure - Global Learning - Education Week
How one high school student created a reading program for elementary students.
The Science Behind Summit Public Schools' Model - Learning Deeply - Education Week
A new white paper outlines the research that undergirds the policies and practices of a successful school network.

Education Week: Dropouts
Education Week: News and Information About Issues in Education for Educators

Urban Districts' Group Decries President Trump's Response to Charlottesville - District Dossier - Education Week
The Council of the Great City Schools represents nearly 70 of the nation's largest school districts—about 7.3 million students, the majority of whom are Hispanic and African-American.
'Academy' Model Boosts High School Grad Rate for At-Risk Students, Study Says - High School & Beyond - Education Week
A study shows that students who are likely to fail or drop out graduate at higher rates from NAF schools than those who attend other schools.
Education Technology, Personalized Learning, and Virtual Schooling: Opportunities and Dangers - Rick Hess Straight Up - Education Week
Guest blogger Lance Fusarelli discusses some sobering evidence on the results of education technology, personalized learning, and virtual schooling.
Who Needs Algebra? - Walt Gardner's Reality Check - Education Week
Algebra remains the single greatest obstacle for both high school and community college graduation.
New York state gives $17M toward dropout prevention efforts - Education Week

Large school system reports fall in suspensions in Alabama - Education Week

For 1.3 Million Homeless Youths, ESSA Is a Beacon of Hope - Education Week
States have a new opportunity to help homeless students under ESSA, but only if they plan strategically, write Barbara Duffield & John Bridgeland.
School Reform and Social Policy: A Systemic Approach to School Improvement - Rick Hess Straight Up - Education Week
Today, guest blogger Lance Fusarelli continues his discussion of educational silos by examining the separation between school reform and social policy.
Native American Students Are the Forgotten Minority - Walt Gardner's Reality Check - Education Week
The outrageous treatment of Native Americans is nowhere more evident than in what purports to be education.
Early-College High Schools Are Game Changers - Rick Hess Straight Up - Education Week
Today, guest blogger Collin Hitt discusses how early college high schools—like western swing music—can be life changers for some.
'I'm a real person': Teachers who wear different hats - Education Week

Is Social-Emotional Learning a Hoax? Readers Respond - Education Week
Checker E. Finn Jr.'s recent Commentary questioning the validity of social-emotional learning sparked an outpouring of responses from readers. Here’s what they had to say.
Are We Asking Enough of High School Graduates? - Education Week
High school graduation requirements are inconsistent and often lax, writes the national policy director of Students for Education Reform.
Social-Emotional Learning - Education Week
Programs that teach students how to recognize their emotions, solve problems, and form healthy relationships may continue to show positive benefits for students months or years after they complete them, concludes a new meta-analysis in the journal Child Development.
5 Ways to Support Social-Emotional Learning in the 21st Century Classroom - Global Learning - Education Week
There are many benefits to including social-emotional learning in classrooms. Here are five of them and resources to help integrate SEL into your school.
Family Literacy on Your Smartphone - Education Futures: Emerging Trends in K-12 - Education Week
A California grant funds blended adult education programs that bring thousands of ELLs closer to the American dream.
Straight Up Conversation: Abl CEO Adam Pisoni & Impact Guru Chris Walsh - Rick Hess Straight Up - Education Week
I had the chance to sit down last week with Adam Pisoni and Chris Walsh of Abl about the release of their new Master Scheduler, a dynamic school-scheduling platform intended to help schools and leaders rethink how they use and plan their time.
As Schools Tackle Poverty, Attendance Goes Up, But Academic Gains Are Tepid - Education Week
Flooding impoverished schools with health and social services is not new, but these so-called "community schools" initiatives are gaining steam in places like New York City. But is it an effective strategy for improving long struggling schools?
Your Reading Recommendations for Betsy DeVos - Politics K-12 - Education Week
U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos will kick off the education department's summer reading program Wednesday at the Kennedy Center in Washington.
'Credit Recovery' Is Educational Fraud - Walt Gardner's Reality Check - Education Week
Give vocational education the respect it deserves and watch graduation rates soar.

Education Week: Teaching Profession
Education Week: News and Information About Issues in Education for Educators

When We Talk About Race, Let's Be Honest - Education Week
Educators may feel apprehensive about addressing white supremacy, but that doesn’t mean they can stay silent, writes professor Tyrone C. Howard.
Balancing Teacher Autonomy and Collaboration - Education Week
When teachers find the right balance between honing their own expertise and working with others, they have the power to excite students about learning, writes educator Nicole Smith.
Four Things to Visualize as You Set Up Your Classroom for the First Day of School - Education Week
The first day back can be anxiety-inducing for teachers, Justin Minkel writes. Transform the nerves into excitement by making sure the classroom is ready for students.
The Nation's Teaching Force Is Still Mostly White and Female - Education Week
While a vast majority of the nation’s public school teachers are white women, the latest data from the federal staffing survey shows increasing diversity, and big differences between the teaching force at traditional and charter schools.
Learning in Motion: Bring Movement Back to the Classroom - Education Week
Physical activity is an important aspect of children’s development, writes Marwa Abdelbary. Teachers should incorporate movement in the classroom to strengthen their students’ cognitive skills and physical health.
#MomsAsPrincipals Dispense Professional and Personal Wisdom - Education Week
A group called Moms As Principals shares support and frank advice among female principals trying to balance the demands of running a school and raising their own children.
Teaching in a World Filled With Fear - Education Week
As the United States becomes more politically divided and some students face bigotry and hostility, teachers must create inclusive environments in their classrooms, argues educator Precious Crabtree.
Teachers, Don't Let Anyone Tell You You're Not Creative - Education Week
How can educators infuse passion and creativity into an increasingly data-driven education system? One long-time teacher has some guidance.
Calming Those Back-to-School Jitters - Education Week
The first day of school can be scary. Nancy Barile shares five ways teachers can help alleviate their new students’ fears.
Teachers Spend Hundreds of Dollars a Year on School Supplies. That's a Problem. - Education Week
Teachers shouldn’t be responsible for stocking their classrooms with supplies, argues Ann Ness. Instead, states and districts need to allocate funding for school resources.
Detroit's Public School Teachers Approve Three-Year Contract - Education Week
Detroit's public school teachers have approved a three-year contract that includes a roughly 7 percent wage increase over the next two years.
Demolishing the Myth of the Grumpy, Crusty, Burned-Out Veteran Teacher - Education Week
Veteran teachers should be valued for their expertise, not stereotyped and pushed out of the classroom, argues Justin Minkel.
Is Public Education Valuable? - Education Week
Public education gives students the diverse experiences and opportunities that may not be offered through school choice, writes Jessica Keigan.
NEA President: 'No Reason to Trust' Betsy DeVos - Education Week
Lily Eskelsen García sat down with Education Week to talk about the National Education Association’s engagement with the U.S. secretary of education, the threat posed by a looming U.S. Supreme Court case, and the union’s new, tougher charter-school policy.
For School Improvement, Demographics Aren’t Destiny - Education Week
Many "good" schools are just skating by on their students' privileged backgrounds and family resources, writes Karin Chenoweth.
The Power of Story in the Classroom - Education Week
Using stories in the classroom not only provides entertainment and connection, but has the power to help students absorb information in a lasting way, writes Trevor Muir.
The Search for Real-World STEM Problems - Education Week
Challenging students with finding solutions to real-world problems will get them excited about science, technology, engineering, and math classes, writes Anne Jolly.
Spotlight on Professional Development - Education Week
Educators are combining time-tested strategies with new approaches to get the most out of literacy instruction in schools. In this Spotlight, learn how invented spelling can produce better readers, how teachers are using social media to connect students with authors, and how to teach revision in the writing process.
Principals Are Loath to Give Teachers Bad Ratings - Education Week
Despite efforts in many states to toughen teacher evaluations, two new studies show that principals rarely give harsh ratings.
Embracing Bilingualism in the Classroom: What Role Will You Play? - Education Week
The United States has a troubled history of dealing with bilingualism. But Daniella Suárez writes that bilingual programs have benefits for all students.

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